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Kumkum Bhagya update: Pragya becomes Abhi’s secretary

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Pragya (Sriti Jha) struggles to get a task in an effort to assist her family in Kumkum Bhagya’s most recent episode as her family’s money affliction is not audio. Though Abhi clearly simply cannot remember Pragya, he starts off having vague flashbacks of Pragya. He can come to feel Pragya’s existence in his subconscious with out realising they were being married at the time.

Since Pragya is struggling to Are living without having seeing Abhi, she made a decision to transform Abhi’s own secretary. This may solve her twin troubles of helping the relatives fiscally and in addition successful Abhi’s love back again. Pragya wants to enter Abhi’s daily life as his aged ‘fuggi’. Purab desires to aid Pragya in winning Abhi’s adore again and he or she seeks his support to get the job.

Purab is Pragya’s past resort as Dadi has also turn out to be very egocentric and needs Pragya outside of Abhi’s daily life so that he is never to hassled and there is no stress on his intellect.

In these days’s episode, Abhi will get hiccups and asks Dadi The key reason why powering it. Dadi claims “every time a cherished 1 misses you badly, you receive hiccups.” Abhi states how can somebody very shut can miss him when Alia and Dadi are with him. Dadi is speechless though she realises that it is Pragya who is missing him.

Though, ‘rockstar’ Abhi can’t recognise Pragya, but he feels some kind of relationship on seeing her. He feels a little something for Pragya

Meanwhile, Alia and Tanu strategy their tantrums versus Abhi. They would like to take full advantage of Abhi’s memory decline. Alia would like Abhi’s assets and Tanu would like to re-enter in Abhi’s daily life by obtaining married to him.

Will Abhi be able to recognise his like for Pragya? Will Abhi and Pragya reunite?

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